Periodic inspections (EICR) in Kent

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), formally known as a Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) before BS7671:2008 [IET Wiring Regulations] Amendment 1 was published in July 2011, is a report detailing the suitability of an existing electrical installation for continued operation.

An EICR fully satisfies the requirements of landlords, estate agents, letting agents, banks, solicitors, mortgage lenders, loan providers, insurers, local authority building control and surveyors. Where someone refers to a 'landlord electrical safety certificate', they actually mean the EICR paperwork as no standard 'landlord safety certificate' is provided by BS7671 and any paperwork claiming to be such is meaningless if it doesn't contain the information BS7671 demands.

Extent and limitations

It may not be possible for the inspector to thoroughly examine every aspect of a given Electric Vehicle Charging Installation Ashford Kent.. As an example cables concealed within the fabric of the building can’t be visually inspected without knocking out walls and pulling up floors, or it may not be possible to access certain rooms or move items of fitted furniture which are in the way. However the extent and limitations of the inspection will be agreed with you and any legitimate inspector would aim to provide as comprehensive a report as practicality allows. The EICR paperwork has a section for listing any such limitations.

Beware of cheap or poor imitations!

It won’t take much shopping around to find cheaper prices than ours, and some of our competitors will be advertising EICRs as low as £60 to £90. The reason our pricing is higher is because we produce a completely honest report. With our report we will also provide you with photo evidence to back up and C1/C2/C3 that you may find on your report. Those charging lower costs may attempt to make their money back on the remedials - i.e. they will try their best to find a C1 or C2 to fail you on and then charge you an arm and a leg for whatever repair work they insist is necessary.

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